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[Gallery preview: Six images on text pattern background frame. Altered version with three-eyed smiley. Click to return home.]

[yes, we're open. Processed text, chrome-like gradient on black. Click for shopping details.]

[REYKJAVÍK, BEIJING, LJUBLJANA, ABUJA, BANJUL. Different glyphs for J. Street corner in Boston, pizza shop, hotel window view.]

[Häagen-Dazs®. Label graphic. Click for Glyph of the Week: ä.]

[Ā. <a href="../../languages/index.htm">. Big yellow character and small orange HTML syntax on a tropical beach. Click for Language & Character Support.]

[ ☺ ABCDEFGHIJKLM abcedfghijklm 0123456789. Green text sucked into white background. Stationery.]

[faible, effect, figure, office. f and f-Ligatures. Elevator shaft. Click for Glyph of the Week: f.]

[1. Ø — Tutka 5:08, 2. Ø — Röntgen 5:01, 3. Ø — Medusa 4:00, 4. Ø — Cesium 4:36. Ø – Röntgen. Tracklisting LED display graphic. Click for Glyph of the Week: Ø.]

["Super Micro Plumber". Video game screen, stylized CMYK graphic.]

[December. Minima pixel graphic: Person at nightly airport. Calendar.]

[Minima. Interference from big text on small text pattern. Ghostly vanishing effect. Click to return home.]

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