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[123|456. Construction units schematic preview. Rooftop maintenance.]

More than 100 languages are fully supported, even with some unusual letterforms. Click here to see a list.

There's much more in it than you might expect. Uppercase, lowercase, digits, punctuation, everything else from ASCII, the symbols beyond ASCII, lots of international letters, typographic quotes, the Euro sign, some letterlike symbols, dashes and spaces of every conceivable length, alternate glyphs, a proper smiley and more. See the Glyph Index for a comprehensive selection that links to in-depth examples.

[JÄGERMEIſTER: A with dieresis, Serif I (alternate), Capital long S (custom). Euro sign. Typographic double quotes. Spaces and dashes.   Forest, tinted dark green.   Click for more information about supported languages and characters]


You can order Minima directly via E-Mail. Send a request to: info@minimatype.com

The desktop license costs 10 EUR. You can pay by bank transfer or via PayPal.

DESKTOP LICENSE: 1. one copy of Minima may be used by exactly one natural person. | 2. you may not copy Minima for any uses other than personal; you may not let other persons access copies you have made of Minima. you may not rent, lend or sublicense Minima. | 3. you may not release an application that allows for Minima to be extracted from it. | 4. you may not use the word 'Minima' or an isolated monogram 'M' set in Minima or a modification of Minima in a commercial product of any kind. | 5. you may not exceed a net revenue of 1,000 EUR per year from products or services using Minima. products or services using Minima may not exceed a net revenue of 1,000 EUR per year.

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Don't hesitate to ask, whether it's about licensing options or a general question.

Tech Specs:

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[It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... Sample text, 4px, all-caps. Opening paragraph, A Tale of Two Cities.]

[faible effect figure office. f and f-ligatures. Elevator shaft. Click to see the Glyph Index.]

Minima is a specialized modern pixel font, new since 2016. With a resolution much smaller than anything that has come before, it pushes the limits for text applications and typesetting in a wide range of grid-based environments. Read more...


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