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Minima is a new typeface smaller than anything you have seen before. You can use it to print volumes on pages, max the crudest displays, get wild in creative illustration, or write letters in the sand with very few rocks.
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Minima is a work in progress. It is set to be a large family with many styles and variations. Due to the unique nature of Minima, each of the fonts demands a high level of individual care.
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The main font is called Minima Regular Fiveline (R5). Upon completion, it will contain well over 1,000 glyphs, some of which will carry over to other fonts in the family.
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TECH SPECS: Minima is a pixel font in the modern .ttf vector format. It features extensive kerning, standard ligatures, contextual alternate glyphs and other lookups native to OpenType. Minima's letters have an x-height of 2px, a CAP-height of 3px and a basic line metric of 4px. Choose sizes at any multiple of four pixels for the best look.
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You can buy the initial release of Minima R5 directly by mailorder. Simply send an informal request to: info@minimatype.com
The desktop license costs 10 EUR. You can pay by bank transfer or via PayPal.
1. one copy of Minima may be used by exactly one natural person. | 2. you may not copy Minima for any uses other than personal; you may not let other persons access copies you have made of Minima. you may not rent, lend or sublicense Minima. | 3. you may not use Minima or any parts or modifications of Minima for active processing or interaction in commercial applications or applications maintained by commercial ventures. | 4. you may not release an application that allows for Minima to be extracted from it. | 5. you may not use the word 'Minima' or an isolated monogram 'M' set in Minima or a modification of Minima in a commercial product of any kind.
If you need another type of license, please ask.
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Version 0.2 includes the core characters up to Unicode 00FF (Basic Latin/Latin-1 Supplement), plus a handful of others, as well as contextual alternate glyphs for them.
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Which characters do you think should be next? Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic scripts will also follow.
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Minima goes beyond the visual. It is so small that it can fit about the same grid as Braille. It strives to become an alternative in tactile writing, with sophisticated typography based on character shapes. With interest hopefully evolving, its implementation should be absolutely feasible.
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