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visible shape: 2x2 px / total advance width: 3px

Glyph: ʻ Name: modcommaturned Unicode: 02BB

Modifier Letter Turned Comma

2018-02-19 Week 8/2018 posted by RFI

The modifier letter turned comma is roughly similar to the apostrophe. The latter can and the former always does describe the sound of a glottal stop. In appearance, it typically even more closely resembles the typographical left single quotation mark but its position is a bit different from either – more aligned with letters, less markup-like.

[“I'm in Hawaiʻi”. Subtitle. Colored Curtains.]

It is used in regular standard writing, not phonology, in some languages, mostly of the Polynesian region but also in Uzbek since its relatively recent switch to latin script. In Hawaiian, it is an actual letter called ʻokina. The relative exoticness of this feature has lead to an awkward code position and name designation, as it is surrounded by phonemes.

INFO: Minima additionally includes the characters 'modifier letter apostrophe' and 'modifier letter reversed comma'. The latter essentially serves as a stylistical variant to the ʻokina. Its appearance in Minima is akin to that of a grave accent which has historically been used as an alternative in Hawaiian.

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