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É Eacute Unicode 00C9

The next few months will feature a lot of different letters with diacritics. A new milestone release is coming up – Version 0.3 – that will add more than 128 such letters (the full Unicode block Latin Extended-A and a few from beyond). This only leaves a couple of episodes to introduce some of the letters from Latin-1 Supplement, which are already included.

As a German, I'm intimately familiar with the umlauts ÄÖÜ, so they and other accents have been included since the earliest days of Minima – although it took some time until they fit ideally. Bearing the name René, I also have a very natural interest in rendering the letter É in a visually appealing way.


The standard form 'É' is changed to the more restricted secondary form when it would otherwise connect to the following letter, especially in the case of a clashing diacritic.

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Glyph of the Week: É Eacute 00C9

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