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M M Unicode 004D

Minima T-Shirt, Prototype Series

It is the king of all letters. The width of an uppercase M traditionally provides the typographic measure em, from which various widths derive as well as the base height of a font.

In Minima too, the M glyph shape is as wide as the display size.

Other elements—like em dashes—feel better when they're actually larger than the largest letter. The full unrestricted line height in Minima Fiveline is similarly larger than the display size indicates, to accomodate all typographic elements.

Minima Fiveline hase five typographic lines: 1) baseline, 2) x-height, 3) CAP-height, 4) descender limit, 5) upper boundary

symbolic/iconic construction image

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Glyph of the Week: M M 004D

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