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visible shape: 1x4 px / total advance width: 3px

Glyph: ! Name: exclam Unicode: 0021

Exclamation Mark

2018-05-14 Week 20/2018 posted by RFI

This issue has come up on the agenda again and again: Does the exclamation mark have to be spaced out? Quite astoundingly, the answer is: yes!

[Check This Out! Twofold mirror symmetrical repetition of a plant photo, hot pixels around the centered border, low-resolution toy camera.]

The spacing of the exclamation mark is a typographically sensitive topic. Setting a full space character before the exclamation mark is usually regarded as a silly mistake which has its own name: 'Plenking', derived from the German pronunciation of the English word 'blank'.

A tighter spacing however would greatly diminish the exclamation mark's authoritative stance in relation to letter sequences. It needs to have a small but clear distinction as a punctuation element. This is why the exclamation mark starts with an empty column of pixels. It only disappears in some special contexts, otherwise it is a must!!!

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