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total width: 9 pixels

  CR Unicode 000D

Carriage Return is an ancient control character. It comes from the era before computers, describing half of the mechanical motion in a line break.

123[LFCR]456 line break animation and holiday scenery

Line Feed (LF) is 'move down one line', Carriage Return (CR) is 'return to the left'.

For the design of visible characters, this is nearly irrelevant. It is only for legacy reasons that CR is even mentioned in this context, as it is one of two control characters within a special group of four glyphs that shall conventionally start every font's glyph stream. (0—.notdef, 1—NULL, 2—CR, 3—space)

If you ever find a surrounding that will neither interpret CR as a control character nor perform a substitition by its own rules, Minima renders it as a very large space.

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Glyph of the Week:   CR 000D

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