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Minima is *the* miniature pixel font. It distinguishes every meaningful typographic unit by an absolute minimum length in pixels.

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[123456. Rooftop maintenance.]

[Text/Infographic: 1px – stroke width, character spacing | 2px – x-height, space character | 3px – CAP-height, figure length | 4px – construction size, font size, px per em | 5px – max character height | 6px – full line height |||
1x1 px – dot | 2x2 px – basic small letter | 3x3 px – average capital letter | ±width – proportional width: variable | +height – ascenders/descenders: + 1px | +height' – diacritics & punctuation: + 1px]

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Minima is based around capital letters that are 3 pixels tall and 3 pixels wide. Unlike many pixel fonts, it is not monospaced but proportional, i.e. its characters have variable lengths. On average, this makes Minima even more compact than a strict 3x3 pixel grid could be. Its small letters are appropriately small at 2 by 2 pixels for the core x-height, with ascenders and descenders of one additional pixel in their proper places. Some of the capital letters also feature elegant descender tails to balance them out.

Each stroke is one pixel wide, and usually just one to three pixels long. This makes for a very blocky, monolithic and hard-to-destroy heavy appearance even at a regular font weight.

Minima's nominal font size is 4px. 4x4 pixels is the size of an average capital letter with one pixel of spacing to each axis. Technically, the value derives from the pixels per em square, the default frame within which characters – or their 'glyphs' – are constructed.

To provide a pleasant plain text aesthetic and account for possible descenders and diacrtics, Minima's full line height is expanded to 6px, in contrast to its nominal size of 4px. The maximum height for glyph outlines – i.e. visible shapes – is 5px, with 1px strictly reserved for spacing. This pixel is not split off into a separate linegap value because some environments do not treat linegaps with the necessary precision.

The full frame of an average-width capital letter is 3x5 px, or 4x6 px with spacing. The full frame of an average-width small letter is 2x5 px, or 3x6 px with spacing. Values like these have occasionally been used as minimal sizes in other pixel fonts and pixel lettering, but not as maximal sizes accompanied by proportional smaller entities. Line spaces in Minima can often be reduced, especially in artistic and background or pattern uses.

[Low angle landscape view over rooftops, greenish photography.]

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