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Built at a size of 4px, Minima is the smallest pixel font ever. It is entirely modern, typographically precise and features an extensive professional repertoire.

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From pattern to motif, from textile text embroidery in socks and knitwear over clothing applications to t-shirt graphics, from science fiction designs over retro video games to LED displays, from miniature watermark embedding over plain text to big slogans—Minima is made to suit you. Digital, in print, out there.

AKA Typographic Minima

Where other small fonts squeeze and shift letters into place, Minima fully preserves and emphasizes proportional widths and differences in position. M. uses the lowest values possible, the minima, for all of its typographic units. (Click here for a breakdown.) Beyond the very small 3x3 grid of an average capital letter, there are even smaller small letters and yet smaller dots and commas. Each character has the absolute smallest size possible for an accurate depiction of its metrics.

The distance from ascender to descender – the height limits of letters – is 4 pixels. This is the construction size of Minima (4px per em, or more simply just 4px). Especially at small display sizes, multiples of 4px should be selected for a razor-sharp black and white or clearcut colored appearance with perfect proportions.

For a proper representation of tall and high symbols as well as many letters with diacritics above, a fifth pixel exceeding the nominal size can also carry glyph information. With padding, the practical line height extends to 6px total. This is the default value and generally recommended for text. It can be reduced to match the 4px nominal height if no expansion and headroom is desired, as the elementary letters are confined to their inner limits.

[the lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox. Type specimen, capitals and small letters, sizes 4 to 32 px. Click for #TechSpecs.]

It's a core design value of Minima to go for highly naturalistic representations of typographic character relations.

Tech Specs:

.ttf Format  Vector Pixels  Type Metrics  Big Content 

Minima is made for and provided in the modern .ttf vector format. It features extensive kerning, standard ligatures, contextual alternate glyphs (calt) and other lookups native to OpenType-TrueType.

Letters have a CAP-height of 3px and an x-height of 2px. The construction size is 4px.

Character repertoire: the full Unicode blocks Basic Latin (aka ASCII), Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A, several letters from Extended-B and Extended Additional, typographic quotes, dashes, spaces, the Euro sign and more. Complete uppercase & lowercase support for over 100 languages.


Minima already has a large glyph palette, is absolutely stable and thorougly tested – but many more characters and added functions are still in development. Thus, the current release version is appropriately numbered 0.3. Version 1.0 is slated to have way more than 1000 glyphs; the current glyph count is 444.

It is made to be relentlessly functional, and it has all reason to be.

Why all the fuss? Admittedly, some of the lowercase forms are rather adventurous and take some getting used to. But Minima is not just an art exploration of tiny forms. It is made to be relentlessly functional, and it has all reason to be.

In a very similar grid representation, Minima is as compact as Braille, and Braille cells can be embedded in Minima. Its design format is archaic and futuristic at once, a timeless combination of visual typography and the grid. Hopefully, it will eventually become a practical option for tactile writing. This is an important long-term goal.

Minima is even in the vicinity of pure machine data. It could offer some unique advantages due to the fact that it's made of physical semblances, discrete minimal units of writing. A 1-bit image of text is about twice as large as the same text in ANSI encoding and pretty much equals the plain text size in Unicode. This block has 899 Bytes as a .png image, 423 Bytes as an ANSI .txt file, 848 Bytes as a Unicode .txt file.

This is something new.


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