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Minima is a specialized pixel font. It has the smallest characters possible for a complete system with full standard typography. Minima remains fully legible and pleasantly expressive under the most extreme circumstances, whether that is in miniature pattern print, on tiny resolution displays, or creatively destroyed in illustration.

A core design value of Minima is to go for highly naturalistic representations of typographic character traits and especially their systematic means of distinction. This is done at a basic construction height of 4 pixels, so Minima looks perfectly sharp at a size of 4px and each multiple of 4px.

To accomodate letters with diacritical marks and provide pleasant spacing for descenders, Minima's real line height is expanded to 6 pixels by default. This can usually be reduced down to 4px if no such expansion is desired, as the elementary letters are built within their inner confinements.



Tech Specs:

Minima is made for and provided in the modern .ttf vector format. It features extensive kerning, standard ligatures, alternate glyphs and other lookups native to OpenType.

Minima's letters have a CAP-height of 3px and an x-height of 2px.

The current version 0.2 contains all characters of the Unicode range 0000 to 00FF (Basic Latin or ASCII / Latin-1 Supplement), plus alternate glyphs and a few additional typographic elements.

The font is called Minima Regular Fiveline (R5). It is designed to be part of a larger font family to come.


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You can order Minima directly via E-Mail. Send an informal request to: info@minimatype.com

The desktop license costs 10 EUR. You can pay by bank transfer or via PayPal.

DESKTOP LICENSE: 1. one copy of Minima may be used by exactly one natural person. | 2. you may not copy Minima for any uses other than personal; you may not let other persons access copies you have made of Minima. you may not rent, lend or sublicense Minima. | 3. you may not use Minima or any parts or modifications of Minima for active processing or interaction in commercial applications or applications maintained by commercial ventures. | 4. you may not release an application that allows for Minima to be extracted from it. | 5. you may not use the word 'Minima' or an isolated monogram 'M' set in Minima or a modification of Minima in a commercial product of any kind.

If you'd like to work under another type of license, don't hesitate to ask.


Minima already includes a well-tended core of all the most essential characters -- but this only the beginning. More than 1,000 other glyphs supporting additional languages and a vast array of signage will be added in coming updates.

In the long run, Minima is designed to evolve well beyond a font, with Minima R5, this, as the centerpiece of a large font family. The complete Minima typeface will allow full control over various design parameters: style, total metric height and proportionality.


Why all the fuss? Admittedly, some of the lowercase forms are rather adventurous and take some getting used to. But Minima is not just an art exploration of tiny forms. It is made to be relentlessly functional, and it has all reason to be.

In a very similar grid representation, Minima can be as compact as Braille. Its design format is everlasting, and Minima is the first true typeface in this format, transposing the time-tested mechanics of visual typography to the grid. Hopefully, it can become a useful practical option for tactile writing in some time.

Minima is even in the vicinity of pure machine data. It is the utmost two-dimensional compression of human language in all its flourishes and up to date definitions. It won't beat the machine but it's there, with instant decipherability.

This is not Helvetica. It's something new – and yet familiar.


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